keith little (skip84) wrote in globalrequiem,
keith little

[Skip X.] A Poem to Express Exactly How I Feel...

We are lacking words to even say,
how we feel and exactly which way.
Right this moment, my heart is like a book,
opened, hidden, in a quiet little nook.
Somewhere inside an old dark library,
but where are you tonight? It's just me.

I'm sitting in this corner, my head in my hands,
trying to come to terms and understand.
This corner is dark, the window is drawn,
I am merely in a game, a simple pawn.
But as the last stanza draws near,
my heart is quaking, filled with fear.

Here comes the part where I admit it's true,
that I'm growing certain that I like you.
I won't say love, for we are young,
I won't say love since I am dumb.
But every moment I spend with you,
it's everything I'd ever like to do.

my heart is in my hand...
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