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Ask and You Shall Receive.....

a man died and went to heaven. as he was being led down the streets of gold by an angel, they suddenly came across a huge building. the man inquired as to what it was and the angel immediately explained to him that it was only a warehouse and that he needed to know nothing else about it. however, the man pressed the issue and after a fair amount of coaxing, was taken inside. as far as the man could see, there were nothing but rows of shelves all the way through the warehouse covering from floor to ceiling. as he began to study the shelves, he noticed that boxes wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with lovely ribbons and bows lined each space of the shelves.. the man saw that every package had a tag on it, each inscribed with a different name. after finding the one with his name, the man asked what was in the box. the angel only told him that it was something he would be better off not to open, because it would only bring sadness. however, once again the man was overcome with curiosity and was very compelled to open the package. so he did and what he found inside were gifts of love, peace, joy, and countless other gifts. he asked quietly what these gifts were, and why they had never been given to him. with tears rolling down his face, the angel solemnly replied that the gifts were not given because the man had not asked for them. he explained that God will not give us something that we do not want, and that it is only when we ask, shall we receive. and that we have not because we ask not. the angel told him that if he had only asked God to give him the things he so longed for, then each thing his heart desired would have been given to him freely.
the bible tells us that whatever we ask, if we ask it in the name of Jesus, God will be faithful to supply it to us.. it also says that God will withhold nothing good from those who are in Christ Jesus.. if you want something from God whether it be love, acceptance, peace, joy, or salvation, go to Him. ask, and ye shall receive. for it is only through Him that any good gifts will truly be given and received.
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